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- Top 3% development teams matched to your project requirements  

Based on:

  • successful delivery of a similar project
  • match to your project's requirements
  • quality of client feedback and reviews
  • compliance with the scrum framework
  • commitment to continuous learning

- Timely completion guided by Certified Agile Delivery Managers 

Based on:

  • PSM or CSM Scrum Guide certifications
  • compliance with the agile manifesto
  • compliance with the scrum framework
  • commitment to continuous learning

- Web and Mobile App Products | Blockchain, AI, AR and IoT  

We offer:

  • crowdsourced, vetted and curated cross-functional teams
  • customised and detailed proposals
  • fixed price option
  • affordable, high quality results



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Full Stack Software Development Teams

  • You save time - we sift, screen and propose vetted teams for your unique project
  • You do not pay fees - teams fund our service to minimise their sales costs
  • Our delivery managers monitor progress and keep projects on track
  • You get code escrow to protect your intellectual property
  • We provide a guarantee of product quality

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  • Compare carefully researched, hand selected teams that match your unique project
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  • Easily and quickly select the best matches for your custom software project
  • Scale your team up or down with just 2 week's notice
  • Get full payment protection and guarantees of quality
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