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How CRM can help your business


You might think that CRM is an over-hyped contact management system. But any business manager realizes that increased customer satisfaction, better co-ordination between employees and well-informed staff will boost an organization's profits. All these benefits can be realised through CRM. A CRM solution goes beyond simple contact management. It also affects departmental functions such as sales, marketing and HR to make your organization increasingly customer-focussed through the use of technology.


Customer services: Any good CRM solution will cover the full spectrum of customer services, from complaint management to providing better product information. Customer service levels can be enhanced by automated communication systems, prompt reporting of customer problems and more effective responses to those problems. The customer experience is enriched by a system that makes management and employees accountable and service-oriented. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Marketing: By providing information on business environment, competitors and industry trends, marketing automation can help you remain competitive. And watch out for enterprise feedback management (EFM) tools. EFM looks at the reasons behind customer behaviour. You need to understand these reasons so that you can provide personalised solutions and a higher degree of service, which will help you differentiate yourself from competitors.


Sales: CRM can also help with the automation of sales functions, from tracking customer preferences to quote management. Employees’ time is better managed by support from the systems and some of the chaos surrounding sales leads is lifted. Sales leads become more structured and all contact with potential customers is recorded and stored, which means it can also be analysed. All of this can save you money in the long run. Furthermore, organised documentation and easy access to the latest client information and communication records will lead to better time management, which will result in improved client interactions, savings and even more sales.


Some of the benefits of CRM for a business like yours are:

·        More effective sales calls

·        Increased sales through repeat business from past customers

·        Improved ability to provide a higher level of customer service

·        Greater customer satisfaction because you understand their unique needs

·        Enhanced and up-to-date communication

·        Accurate client account records


In this highly competitive business environment, an in-depth understanding of customers and their preferences has never been more critical. If you don't utilize current technology to generate timely and effective information about your customers, you will lose out to competitors.


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