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Selecting a Web Designer and Developer

Factors to consider when selecting a Web designer for your business.

When selecting a Website designer and developer for your business, you should of course consider design style and development technique, but you should also look for overall value and the ability to be a long-term partner.

Below are some important criteria for selecting the most suitable Website designer and developer.


Ask business associates, past colleagues, friends and relatives for referrals.


Look for conformity with W3C guidelines and standards. This is an important measure of the provider’s expertise and commitment to the profession.

Overall experience

Determine the designer's experience. As in all areas, experience brings knowledge of handling problems.

Industry experience

Establish which industries the Web designer has designed and created applications for, and look for your own industry among these. Different industries require different development techniques.

Work samples and references

Request reliable, unbiased references and check samples of Websites that have been completed by the designer.


Ensure that you conduct an internal analysis of your requirements and create a request for proposal to select vendors based on uniform criteria.

Shortlist finalists

Narrow finalists down to a shortlist of three Web designers. Compare costs but ensure your focus is on overall value.

Definition of success

Understand how the designer defines the success of a completed project. A good-looking site or a satisfaction survey is not enough. The most important metrics are SEO ranking and return on investment.

Process for all projects

Check whether there is a systematic process that all projects follow and ask the designer to walk you through it.


Find out whether you will have a single point of contact and ensure there is provision for adequate interaction between you and the Web designer, such as weekly status reports.

Code ownership

Ensure you know who owns the rights to the code and make sure that the entire project has open coding that you can have modified independently when required.

Specific skill sets

Ask for specific details of the designer's skills, programming languages and the other services offered, such as marketing and SEO.


Know what materials you will have to provide and what the designer will offer.


Find out whether you can get a deal that includes support and maintenance.


Make sure that the coding used is interoperable and supported by different browsers.

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